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Due to the current situation in the UK with the Coronavirus we now have online weekly Zumba classes available every Wednesday!

We want people to still be able to the things they love in the comfort of their own homes. We might be stuck in doors at the moment but that doesn't mean we can't have fun, dance our cares away and still keep fit and healthy.


Our Zumba class is a prerecorded class and is available for 5 HOURS! Each week the class is uploaded to Naomi's Zumba instructor page  at 4:00pm and will be removed at 9:00pm. 



Firstly, Zumba is for absolutely EVERYONE!! No matter your age, gender and fitness levels it helps bring people together for a dance fitness party! 

Mixing low intensity and high intensity moves together for a total body workout.

Burn a tonne of calories, have fun and dance your cares away! 

Take a look below at a little snippet of one of our favourite routines we do in class.



Want to try a class?

Book your space here and all details will be sent to you via email


Want to try Zumba for FREE??

The first Wednesday of every month we will be offering everyone a FREE Zumba class! Until we can get back in the studio we want to give you something fun to do whilst at home! Have a look at Naomi's instructor page for the free monthly class! 

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